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Children's Therapy

It can be frustrating for caregivers to see their child struggle through an internal issue which often times can’t be communicated in a typical conversation. 

I work with children 5 years and older. I offer a nurturing space to connect with each child in a gentle yet structured setting. I utilize concepts from Positive Discipline to teach and reinforce important life skills in a respectful and affirming style. I also utilize Play Therapy as a mode to communicate and explore children’s emotional and behavioral issues in an age-appropriate way. I offer children the room to process difficult struggles related to behavioral issues, fears/avoidance patterns, social inhibitions, obsessive compulsive disorders, anger management, crisis and trauma, divorce or family separation, and academic or social development concerns. 


I aim to help children achieve a sense of responsibility for their behaviors, develop new and creative solutions to their problems, and feel a sense of empathy and social awareness to their peers and family members. 

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