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"In Every Walk With Nature One Receives Far More Than He Seeks"- John Muir


Do you notice a sense of calm, excitement, or stillness when you are outside in a natural setting? Or maybe you long to feel restored and rejuvenated but haven't found the path to lead you there?

EcoTherapy will open the door for you to further develop OR newly explore the beautiful natural world as a companion for profound healing. Working in a private and vast outdoor space in the rolling hills of Gilroy creates opportunities for you to widen your heart, mind, and body in meaningful and restorative ways. 

Our time together may include walk & talk sessions, hiking, surfing, horticulture therapy, expressive arts, mindfulness practices, or learning body awareness--- all while processing and growing through the concerns that you're struggling with so you can find lasting change and relief. 

In a exceedingly fast-paced & screen-focused culture we are growing further away from the basic necessities we know we need as humans to thrive and live healthy lives. Though it may be common sense, there is also a growing body of scientific research in this field. Read More!

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