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Family Therapy

Being trained in Systems Theory, I am equipped to work together with families to resolve disputes and conflicts that naturally arise in close units.


It is common to experience tension with family members but when left unresolved it can lead to stressed home environments, feelings of isolation or anger, and estrangement from loved ones. I am here to support families communicate their needs and emotions in a guided and supportive way. I believe that problems don’t lie in one person, but more in the patterns and dynamics between members of the families. After careful assessment, I work with families to adjust dysfunctional patterns to achieve a greater sense of peace and understanding among one another. 


Types of interventions used are rooted in Bowenian, Structural, and Strategic Family Therapies. 

Once Family Therapy is complete family members generally feel

comfortable in:

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Have an increased ability to problem solve 

  • Feel a tighter cohesion with other family members

  • Experience less conflict

  • Have an improved set of communication skills

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